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Commercial Glazing

Design & Installation

We can assist in the design and implementation of your entrances and small to mid-size storefronts.


Hinge replacements, full length hinges, door closers, panic hardware and adjustments for proper operations. Replacement weather stripping and any other of your needs.

Safety Glass

Solid tempered safety glass provides impact resistance, moderate heat resistance at a moderate cost. When broken, tempered glass implodes into small cubes. When broken, laminated glass cracks but will remain intact.

Laminated safety glass provides security where theft intrusion is a concern.

Acrylic sheet such as Lucite and Plexiglass are in stock and readily available.

Polycarbonate sheet such as Lexan provides a virtually unbreakable glazing product. These products will satisfy most building codes.

Insulated Glass

One of the top Green Building Products of the past ten years, insulated glass is a common sense alternative to traditional plate glass windows. Rite Glass, Inc. uses certified insulated glass windows that reduce energy consumption in both summer and winter. Insulated windows also reduce noise from outside and can block ultraviolet radiation. If your insulated glass has a foggy look or stains between the panes, replacement is necessary to regain the insulating qualities of your window.

Plate Glass

We stock clear and tinted 1/4" plate glass.

Rite Glass has worked on Commercial Glazing projects in Rhode Island ( RI ), Massachusetts ( MA ), and Connecticut ( CT ).